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New study sheds light on potential link between COVID-19 and neuropathic pain

At Elihu Institute for Pain Management, we have seen an increase in patients coming in with worsened neuropathic pain and chronic headaches following COVID-19. According to a recent study by Joshi et al. (2022), several case reports have described patients experiencing neuropathy or neuropathic pain around the disease, either immediately or late post-COVID. The study analyzed six case reports on neuropathic pain in COVID-19, including two cases of herpes zoster and post herpetic neuralgia, two cases of intense burning pain, one case of trigeminal neuralgia, and one case of brachial plexopathy.

The study found that COVID-19 viral neurogenic invasion is a newly discovered topic in the field of research, and more cases and data will become available as time goes on. However, the existing data suggests that neuropathic pain is a potential complication of COVID-19, and it is important for healthcare providers to be aware of this potential side effect.

At Elihu Institute for Pain Management, we are committed to providing our patients with the most effective and up-to-date treatment options for chronic pain. If you are living with neuropathic pain and are looking for an effective treatment option, please contact us today to learn more about how spinal cord stimulators can help reduce your pain and improve your function.

Joshi, D., Gyanpuri, V., Pathak, A. et al. Neuropathic Pain Associated with COVID-19: a Systematic Review of Case Reports. Curr Pain Headache Rep 26, 595–603 (2022).

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