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Elihu Institute for Pain Management offers Nevro HFX for diabetic neuropathy patients

At Elihu Institute for Pain Management, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest and most effective treatments for chronic pain. That is why we are excited to announce a new treatment for diabetic neuropathy, a serious condition that affects 50-70% of people with diabetes.

Diabetic neuropathy is a form of nerve damage that causes numbness and pain in the legs and feet. For many patients, this can be debilitating and can make it difficult to engage in daily activities. Until recently, there have been limited treatment options for diabetic neuropathy, but now a new spinal cord stimulator called the Nevro HFX is bringing relief to many patients.

The Nevro HFX is a small device that is implanted in the lower back and sends mild electrical pulses to the spinal cord. This stimulation helps to reduce pain and improve function in patients with diabetic neuropathy. In a clinical trial, 80% of patients experienced pain relief from the stimulation.

At Elihu Institute for Pain Management, we are proud to offer the Nevro HFX to our patients with diabetic neuropathy. If you are living with chronic pain and want to learn more about this innovative treatment, please contact us today.

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