Does Your Race Determine Your Opioid Dose?

A recent study presented at the American Pain Society 2019 Scientific Meeting looked into opioid prescription across different racial groups. The study found that minorities and people of color were prescribed opioid medication less frequently at a lower potency than their white counterparts for similar injuries. Hispanic, black, and Asian people were all prescribed opioids …

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Addiction in the Movie Industry. Why Does Hollywood Have A Drug Problem?

What has plagued musicians, actors, and influencers the most in recent decades? No, not social media. Opioids. Everything from prescription oxycodone and vicodin to heroin and fentanyl have taken many lives and ruined countless others. There’s no denying that opioid use has reached an epidemic scale. But why does it seem like a higher percentage of celebrities abuse prescription drugs? It seems like every few years opioids are responsible for the deaths of pop culture behemoths, like Michael Jackson, Prince, and Kurt Cobain. Here are a couple reasons why opioids seem to disproportionately affect celebrities.